About Daydreamdog

Daydreamdog is a website dedicated to owning dogs and being the best possible owner you can. The website was formed with the intention of giving something back to the doggy community. In this section of the website you’ll get a chance to get to know Daydreamdog a little better!

Serena Law – Chief Editor

Serena Law and Mango the PoodleSerena Law is the chief editor of content and here she is pictured with the lovely poodle Mango! Serena comes from a family of dog lovers and loves sharing her knowledge from over twenty years of dog experience with our readers. Check out Serena’s full author profile to learn more about her.

Site Content

At Daydreamdog we’re lucky enough to be able to tap into Serena’s real-life experience as a dog owner. As the sites chief editor, she’s responsible for researching, publishing and editing content. The content typically consists of informational posts, product reviews, and how-to guides.

If you’ve read the disclaimer at the top of every post on the website you’ll know that being transparent as possible is important to Daydreamdog. We give full disclosure that we are affiliates and may earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links; this comes at no extra cost to our readers. We never let our affiliation with partners negatively affect the quality of our content and if you see us promoting a product it’s because we believe it’s beneficial given the context of our articles.

Reader Feedback and Engagement

We always welcome and encourage our readers to get in touch to provide feedback, content ideas or just to touch base! If you’re keen to get in touch with us do so via the email address above.

Thinking of new content ideas, reviewing products and existing content does take up a lot of time. That said we always aim to get back to you as quickly as possible!