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The Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

By: | Updated: March 26, 2020

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew. It helps keep their teeth healthy and can also be a way to deal with boredom. If you have an aggressive chewer, you may need to invest in bones and chew toys that are specifically made to withstand a lot of chewing. This list of the best bones for aggressive chewers can give you some ideas on what to purchase to keep your dog occupied and prevent them from destroying things around your home.

Best Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

If your dog dental chews aren’t satisfying your dogs need to chew, you might need something extra. This is where we hope our list of the best dog bones for aggressive chewers will come in handy. We set out to find products that are excellent value for money, highly reviewed and well received by dogs that love to chew. Hopefully, whatever your situation is, you’ll find something you and your dog love in our round-up below.

Here’s a list of the 7 best dog bones for aggressive chewers.

1. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

The Blue Buffalo dental bones come in a large size that’s designed for dogs that are 50 pounds and over. They also come in several other size options. These bones are made with high-quality ingredients and are free of wheat, corn, and soy. The formula was made without the use of artificial preservatives and colors. They contain parsley to help freshen your dog’s breath and reduce tartar buildup to promote oral health.

These bones are designed in a shape that helps clean your dog’s teeth as they chew. They are made with highly digestible ingredients, including blueberries and peas, to prevent stomach upset. The bones can be given to your dog once per day as a treat or a way to prevent boredom.

2. SmartBones SBPB-00218 Large Chews

The SmartBones large chews are 7″ in length and designed for dogs that weigh over 50 pounds. These chews are rawhide-free and are made with real peanut butter to provide your dog with a tasty treat to keep them occupied. The bones are easy to digest and are made with wholesome ingredients. They contain vegetables for added nutrition and include real chicken inside for added protein.

These bones have all the benefits of a rawhide chew without containing any rawhide. They can be used for dogs in all life stages as a way to keep them busy while cleaning their teeth. These chews have a traditional bone shape, which makes it easy for your dog to carry them around and hold onto them while they chew.

3. Premium Elk Antlers

These elk antlers from Devil Dog Pet Company are wild sourced in the USA from the Rocky Mountains. The antlers are cruelty-free and have been picked up as they were naturally shed. These organic chews are ideal for aggressive chewers and can last much longer than other types of bones. The antlers come in several sizes with the medium size being around 5″ and designed for use by dogs that weigh between 20 to 45 pounds.

Elk antlers are great for keeping your dog occupied both mentally and physically. They are completely natural and work well to maintain dental health by removing tartar from your dog’s teeth. They are virtually mess-free and have no smell. The antlers are dense with nutrients, and they won’t splinter as your dog chews them.

4. Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Dog Treats

This dog treat from Nylabone is available in several flavors and sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds. The Healthy Edible chew is fully digestible and long-lasting, even for aggressive chewers. This bone is made with healthy protein, including bison and other wild game. This chew is free of artificial ingredients and contains no salt. They are made with limited ingredients to reduce the chances of allergies or negative reactions.

The chews contain added vitamins and minerals along with pea protein for heart health. Regular use of this chew can help your dog reduce tartar and plaque buildup. They’re also ideal for keeping your dog busy and out of trouble. They can be used for dogs with permanent teeth, which means they are appropriate for dogs around age 6 months and older.

5. Nylabone Healthy Edibles All-Natural Long-Lasting Bacon Chew Treats

The Nylabone Healthy Edibles chew treats are made from all-natural ingredients. These long-lasting bones come in a petite size to work well for small dogs who still chew through traditional chews quickly. The chews can be used with dogs that weigh 15 pounds and under. They are made with pea protein to promote heart health and have added vitamins and minerals.

These chews have a tasty bacon flavor that your dog will love. They are highly digestible and can work for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These bones are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and are relatively mess-free. Depending on your dog’s level of chewing, these bones can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The bones are manufactured in the USA of high-quality ingredients.

6. Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks 5-6 inch

The Nature Gnaws large bully sticks come in 5 to 6″ lengths. These bully sticks are ideal for medium to large breed dogs that chew up other bones quickly. These chew sticks are made with one ingredient: 100% natural grass-fed free-range beef. They are a high protein treat that’s free of additives and artificial ingredients. The sticks are low-odor and are free of rawhide. These bully sticks are made in the USA in a facility that uses UV-disinfection processes and hand-packing for quality control.

The raw ingredients in these long-lasting chews are cleaned without chemicals. Regular use of these bones helps reduce tartar and plaque to promote healthy teeth and gums. They can be used as a daily treat or for special occasions where you need your dog to be occupied for an extended period of time.

7. Yak Snak Dog Chews

The Yak Snak Dog Chews are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. These chews are made from yak milk that has been responsibly sourced in Nepal. The treats are fully consumable. Once they are chewed down into small pieces, you can microwave them to soften them up for a tasty snack. The chews are designed for moderate to heavy chewers.

They are made with simple ingredients and are free of preservatives, lactose, grains, and gluten. These chews are a hard cheese with a flavor that your dog will love. They are high in protein but low in fat to give your dog a healthy and beneficial treat that will keep them busy for a long time.

Buying Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

This section of the article takes a look at the considerations you should make when buying dog bones for chewers! If your dog has a destructive side that is getting a little out of hand here’s some recommended reading.

Weight and Size Recommendations

Aggressive chewers come in all sizes, not just large breed dogs. There are bones designed for those aggressive chewers, no matter the size and weight of your dog. It is important to consider the age of your dog as some bones are not designed for puppies because they aren’t good for puppy teeth.

The product description for the bone should include information about weight recommendation based on the size and strength of the bone. Those with extremely strong chewers may wish to size up to ensure the bone lasts longer.

Manufacturing and Ingredients

When choosing the best long-lasting bone for your dog, it’s important to consider where the bone was manufactured and the source of the ingredients. Manufacturing processes and standards can vary greatly around the globe, so it’s important to choose bones that are made in countries where standards are strict. Many long-lasting bones are made of simple ingredients, some with one single ingredient, which is very beneficial if you have a dog that’s sensitive to certain foods.

Be sure to read the nutrition label to see if the bone may have trace amounts of allergens if your dog has a sensitive stomach or has skin issues or other problems that come from eating certain foods. Also, consider choosing a bone that’s completely digestible, so there are no issues when your dog swallows pieces of the bone.


If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you may have lost shoes, furniture, electronics, or other items to their chewing abilities. That’s why it’s important to keep durable and long-lasting bones on hand to give your dog when they need something to chew.

One of the best ways to find a good bone for a heavy-duty chewer is to read and compare the consumer reviews. These reviews give you real-life information from other dog owners that can help you choose a bone that works for your dog based on their size and chewing ability. A long-lasting bone should be hard enough to keep your dog occupied for an extended period of time but should also be soft enough to not cause damage to your dog’s teeth.

Added Benefits

Most durable bones have other benefits besides just occupying your aggressive chewer. Many are designed to help promote oral health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Some also contain ingredients to help freshen your dog’s breath. Long-lasting chews may also have added vitamins and minerals to supplement your dog’s diet.

Most bones come in popular flavors like peanut butter, bacon, or other meat flavors, which gives you to option to choose one that your dog will enjoy as a treat. With the addition of lean proteins, vegetables, and nutrients from other sources, you can feel confident that you’re giving your dog a treat that’s nutritious and entertaining.

Dog Bones VS Indestructible Dog Toys

You might be considering opting for an “indestructible dog toy” rather than opting for flavored chew bones. This is a reasonable alternative but might not be as effective. Can you really call a dog toy indestructible? Although some are extremely robust, you may find your dog gets bored of it before destroying it.

The difference between a heavy-duty toy and flavored chews for dogs is that your dog is likely to love the taste of it while it chews, making it much less likely your dog will get bored of chewing.

Final Thoughts on Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

Aggressive chewing can be frustrating to deal with as a pet parent. Dogs who are bored can often get into trouble and wreak a lot of havoc on your home through chewing. Aggressive chewers come in all sizes, and fortunately, there are plenty of bones designed to keep those chewers busy. When choosing one of these 7 best bones for aggressive chewers, consider the size of your dog along with the durability and added benefits of the bone to choose the one that will work best for your pet.

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