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Find The Best Dog Car Hammock

By: | Updated: September 11, 2020

Car hammocks are a great way to create more space for your dog to occupy on journeys. They can help keep your pet safely secured and also fold away quickly and conveniently when needed. They also work as a car seat cover by helping to reduce to amount of hairs your seats get exposed to. In this article, we’ve put together a list of what we feel are the best car hammocks for dogs.

The Best Dog Car Hammocks

After hours of research, we’ve put together a list of dog hammocks that are highly sought after and well-reviewed. If you’re looking for a better and safer way to travel with your dog in the car hopefully you should find something you love below.

Here is a list of the 5 best car hammocks.

1. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

The 4Knines dog seat cover with hammock design is made of a heavy-duty 600D polyester material. This cover also has a waterproof layer to protect your seat from spills or accidents in the car. This car hammock for dogs comes in 2 sizes to fit small and large vehicles. It’s available in tan, black, or gray. The non slip layer on the bottom of the seat cover helps keep it in place even if your dog is moving around.

This unit is easy to install. It has thick straps made of nylon with plastic clips so you can clip it to your front and rear headrests. It also features seat anchors for secure installation. This dog car hammock can be hosed down or washed in your washing machine as needed. The cover has seat belt openings so you can tether your dog’s leash or have a passenger in the back with your pooch. This is our overall best-rated dog car hammock and also made our list of best dog car seat covers.

2. Plush Paws Products Hammock Seat Cover

The Plush Paws Products hammock-style seat cover is made from tear-resistant canvas, which makes it ideal for dogs of all sizes. This dog car seat cover also has a waterproof layer to protect the interior of your vehicle from messes. It features 2 harness clips so you can secure one or two dogs safely in the back seat. This cover has a plush quilted texture that’s comfortable for your dog to lay on. It comes in regular and extra-large sizes and is available in black, gray, or tan.

This is another simple unit to set up. It has seat anchors to keep it in place and comes with straps to secure it around the front and rear headrests. It has adjustable side flaps and can be used in the hammock style or as a traditional style seat cover so passengers can ride in the back seat.

3. NAC&ZAC Waterproof Hammock Pet Seat Cover

This waterproof pet hammock is made of a durable material that will protect your seat from spills, mud, and other dog-related messes. This seat cover has a non slip silicone backing that helps keep it in place so your dog feels secure when riding in your vehicle. The extra side flaps add another layer of protection that works to keep the sides of your seats clean when your dog jumps into and out of the vehicle.

The cover includes seat belt slits so you can utilize the seat belts if needed. This hammock is made with 3 layers of material with waterproof PE in the middle layer. The quick-release clips on the straps make installation in most cars a breeze. This cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine as needed.

4. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

The BarksBar Luxury pet car seat cover is designed to be used in cars, trucks, or SUVs. This cover has seat anchors to keep it from moving around during travel. This cover comes in a standard size which measures 54″ by 58″ or extra-large which measures 60″ by 64″. The waterproof layer protects your seats while the top quilted layer keeps your dog comfortable.

The cover includes 2 pockets so you can keep treats, a leash, and other small items close at hand. It’s machine washable and made with color-fast materials so it won’t bleed onto your car upholstery. This seat cover is easy to install. It features seat anchors and headrest straps with buckles. The builtin openings in the seat cover allow you to use your rear seatbelts if needed.

5. Kululu Dog Seat Cover

The Kululu dog seat cover comes in 2 sizes: standard and extra-large. This seat cover has a unique feature to make riding in the car easier and less stressful for your pet. The mesh window allows your dog to see into the front seat while riding in the car. This cover is easy to wash and can be vacuumed, hosed off, or washed in your washing machine. It has 5 layers of protection with extra quilting for comfort.

The non-slip design on the bottom of the cover keeps it from moving, which helps your dog feel safe during car rides. This unit has durable buckles for quick and easy installation. It comes with extra straps and seat anchors, which help to keep it in place, even on leather seats. On the whole this is a very good option, and one of the most unique dog hammocks we’ve seen. We love how the mesh window lets the dog get a view of the front seat.

Buying a Dog Car Hammock

Always remember to ensure your dog is appropriately restrained when traveling in a car, we recommend reading this article on traveling with dogs in cars safely.

The great thing about using dog hammocks is that they’re really easy to install. They work as a pet seat protector and help to keep your pet firmly secure with features such as non slip rubber backing, side flaps and often have seat belt openings that allow passengers to ride in the back with your dog with full access to the seat belts.

This section of the article details a few things to look out for when shopping for a dog car hammock.

Best Size and Fit

When choosing a dog car seat cover or a hammock, it’s important to know the dimensions of your back seat. Most of these hammock seat covers will fit in standard SUVs, cars, and trucks. By measuring the width and height of your seat, along with the length of space between the front and rear seats, you can determine which hammock seat cover will fit best in your vehicles. It can also be helpful to read and compare the online reviews of the car hammocks you’re looking at. Reviews can give you real-life information on how dog car seat covers fit different types of vehicles.

Recommended Use and Installing a Dog Hammock

It’s important to read about the manufacturer’s recommended use when choosing a dog car hammock. Most of these seat covers are designed to be used only with vehicles that have adjustable headrests in both the front and rear seats. These seat covers have straps that attach to the headrests and they won’t stay secure on other types of car seats. This information should be easy to find in the product description from the manufacturer.

It’s also best to read about the installation process of the seat covers before you make the purchase. Most have buckles on the straps that allow you to secure and adjust the cover for a custom fit. Some also include seat anchors that keep the unit in place while the car is moving. Having a seat cover that’s installed correctly and securely is essential, especially if your dog is a nervous traveler, as it will help them feel safe while riding in the car.

Care and Cleaning the Dock Hammock

Dogs can be messy, whether it’s from muddy paws or shedding hair. The hammock-style seat covers on this list are designed to provide a safe and comfortable area for your dog to ride in your car while also protecting the upholstery in your vehicle. But this means that the seat cover is collecting mud from your dog’s paws, loose hair, drool, and other doggy messes. These seat covers can get messy and stinky with just one use so it’s important that they are easy to care for. Many hammock seat covers designed for use with dogs are machine washable. Some are better suited for hand cleaning with a damp rag and mild detergent.

Due to the nature of the materials in these seat covers, most shouldn’t be put into the dryer as it can damage the integrity of the fabric. If you have a long-haired dog or one that sheds a lot, it’s best to choose a seat cover that can be vacuumed easily. Read the care instructions on the label or in the product description so you can clean and maintain your seat cover for long-term use.

Other Dog Hammock Features

If you’re shopping for a dog hammock, you should consider the added features that some options may have. If your dog is a nervous traveler, it’s best to choose a dog car hammock that has a window so they can see you easily during car rides. Another helpful feature to look for is side flaps that extend down the edges of your car seats. Side flaps help the cover protect the entire seat, which is ideal if you have a large dog that jumps in and out of the car themselves. Another useful feature that some hammock-style car seat covers have is a tether. This allows you to ensure your dog is safe and secure in the back seat.

You’ll find some hammocks are also water-resistant which are best used if your dog can get a bit leaky. Non slip backing also helps to keep the dog seat covers in place to stop your dog from slipping and sliding during your journey.


Consider how you use your vehicle and how many people will be riding with you and your dog. If you have children or other passengers who will ride in the rear seat with your dog, you should be sure to purchase a hammock seat cover that has holes for the seatbelts to come through. Many also have Velcro at the holes to prevent hair from going through to your upholstery.

If you plan to have passengers in the rear with your dog, it’s also important to choose a hammock seat cover that allows you to use it in the traditional way, rather than in the hammock orientation, so that your human riders can sit safely in the rear seats of your vehicle.

Read Reviews Online

Online reviews are a great way to look up a product by make and model to see what others think of it. Plenty of online retailers have reviews build into their product pages, but you can also search for reviews away from retailers in places like Reddit. The advantage when it comes to reading reviews is that once you know which product you want, you can find out tons of information about it before even buying it. With hammocks, for example, you’ll be able to find out how easy it is to install, whether it’s waterproof and what type of cars it fits.

Best Dog Car Hammocks: Conclusion

If you have a dog who enjoys car rides and you frequently travel with your dog, whether it’s for short trips or extended time on the road, having a comfortable place for your dog inside your vehicle is essential. A dog car hammock helps keep your pet secure in the back seat and work as car seat covers to protect your back seats from dog hair. Hammocks come in several styles and sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your vehicle. We hope our list helps you find a great way to keep your pooch happy and comfortable when they’re in the car with you.

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