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The Best Dog Flea Shampoo

By: | Updated: October 26, 2019

Bathing your dog is an essential part of the grooming regime, but what do you do if they become infested with fleas? Fleas can persistently bite your dogs, leaving them feeling itchy and frustrated. A common, effective and easy method for eliminating dog fleas and their eggs is by using the best dog flea shampoo.

With so many products on the market, finding the best dog flea shampoo can be a challenging task. Many flea shampoo products also contain substances and toxins that are dangerous to dogs, making the search even more daunting.

To save you time and effort, we’ve carefully researched the most effective flea shampoos that have been proven safe through reliable testing. This article also includes a complete buyer’s guide to help you decide on the best dog flea shampoo for you and your four-legged friend.


Does my dog have fleas?

If you suspect your dog may have fleas but you’re not completely sure, there are a few examinations you can do at home. The first step is to examine your dog’s fur and skin for the presence of fleas or symptoms of flea bites. You could also brush through your dog’s fur with a flea comb. For further tips, check out our article on the 6 signs that your dog has fleas.

What are the consequences of untreated fleas?

The issues that fleas can cause will vary between dogs. Most commonly, dogs will experience intense itching and scratching as a result of flea bite dermatitis, an allergy to flea saliva. Not only is this incredibly uncomfortable for pooches, but fleas can also create internal infections such as tapeworms. These parasites are passed onto dogs if they inhale a flea.

Ultimately, it’s important to eliminate fleas as soon as you notice them for the health of your dog and others in your home.

Can I use a homemade flea-killing recipe?

We know from our readers that we’re not alone when it comes to creating our own ineffective homemade flea-killing recipes. However, the mixture of liquid dish soap, vinegar and water simply doesn’t do the trick. When a stronger solution is needed, commercial dog flea shampoos can provide an answer.

The 5 Best Dog Flea Shampoos

All following products are effective, highly recommended, highly rated and free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Some of these shampoos will kill fleas, whereas others are designed to repel.

Below, we have listed 5 of the best dog flea shampoos available on the market.

1. Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo

This shampoo uses strong scents to repel bugs, this dog flea shampoo uses cinnamon, clove, and cedar oil. Not only do these things drive bugs away, but they can also effectively kill them as well. Better still, this product has been proven to be effective for mosquitoes and black flies as well. This product is safe for dogs of all ages and sizes. There are no harsh pyrethrins, making this a very gentle yet effective product.

The effect from bathing your dog with this shampoo lasts for 7 days. Luckily, there are no harsh chemicals in this product, meaning the frequent bathing should not irritate their skin. What is great about this product is that the bugs will never build up a resistance, making it effective for years to come. It will work on all life stages of insects. Users love how effective this shampoo is, saying that fleas will literally fall off your dog while you are bathing him or her.

2. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

Here you have a very effective product that can kill eggs at every stage of their lives, as well as lice. After using it, you get an extra 28 days of control for pre-adult fleas. At the same time, this shampoo is effective at removing dandruff, loose skin, and dirt.

There are several ingredients in this product that help soothe their skin. Coconut extract, oatmeal, aloe, and lanolin are all present to give your pup the ultimate in luxury. The shampoo lathers nicely and washes away clean, leaving your furry friend smelling and looking good. It also makes their coat soft and shiny, as well as easier to brush.

Users of this product are amazed at how effective it is. Many people report this dog flea shampoo working when nothing else would. Just be sure to let it sit on the skin for a bit and watch the fleas and ticks die.

3. Wondercide Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar

If you are someone who is concerned with using harsh chemicals on your pet, this is an ideal product for you. This product earns its somewhat high price tag with its effectiveness and natural ingredients. One bar can also last you up to five times longer than a bottle of dog flea shampoo. The main ingredients in the bar of soap are citronella and geranium. Not only do these things kill fleas, they also have a mild repelling effect going forward.

You can count on this bar to kill fleas in all stages of life. On top of that, it lathers well and does a great job of getting your dog sparkly clean. This product is completely natural and organic, and many people find it much more convenient to use than traditional dog shampoo. There are no chemicals, artificial colors or fragrances, or alcohol in these soap bars.

4. Wahl Dog/Puppy Shampoo

This is a plant-derived flea treatment for your dog. It uses rosemary, cedar oil, and mint to naturally repel fleas from your animal. This effect will last up to one week. It may not be the best option for someone dealing with a flea infestation, but it could be a great option for someone wanting to avoid harsh chemicals. Every ingredient in this shampoo is approved for use on humans. There are is no alcohol or Paraben in this product.

The thick lather of this shampoo makes it effective for getting your dog clean. It rinses away cleanly and will not cause irritation for your pup’s skin. After getting your dog’s fur nice and wet, you only need a small amount of this shampoo because of its concentrated formula. This is good news, considering this is a pricey product and you will have to repeat baths weekly in order to keep up the flea repelling.

5. Vanilla Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Aloe Vera

Here is a great option for someone whose dog has sensitive skin but still needs to be treated for fleas or ticks. It can be used on any breed of dog at any age. The beautiful scent of this shampoo is used to both freshen up your animal while also repelling bugs like fleas and ticks. There are no harsh chemicals in the formula of this product.

Colloidal oatmeal is a great ingredient for dog shampoo because it is very soothing. It will moisturize your furry friend’s fur while also getting it clean. Aloe Vera is also used, making this a very skin-friendly dog flea shampoo. The smell is from the vanilla and lavender extract, which you and your pet will love but the bugs will absolutely hate. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get from this product, you can contact the manufacturer for a full refund.

Dog Flea Shampoo: Buyers Guide

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Fleas bite and feed on a dog’s blood. Not only does this leave your dog feeling uncomfortable and itchy, but it can lead to weakness, blood loss and diseases. In fact, flea larvae can become infested with tapeworm eggs and if consumed by a dog, they can become host to this parasite. This means a dog with fleas must also be treated for worms.

Because of the potential consequences of fleas, it seems clear why it’s important to keep these parasites away. This section covers a complete buyers guide, describing everything you need to know when looking for the best dog flea shampoo.

What Is Dog Flea Shampoo?

Flea shampoos are specially formulated medicated treatments. They act as the first line of defense against fleas, quickly eliminating a large ratio of the pesky insects. High quality flea shampoos can safely cleanse a dog’s coat, soothe and relieve the itchiness of flea bites, while also killing and preventing fleas from returning. Though, shampoos will only remain effective if they are continually used as part of the grooming process.

If you notice any of the signs that your dog has fleas, it is important to treat the infestation as soon as possible to stop the flea life cycle.

Note: Although a shampoo can claim to be safe, each dog is different and will vary in reactions. Be vigilant for any adverse effects and contact your veterinarian if you spot any issues.

How to Bathe Your Dog With Flea Shampoo

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Use flea shampoo in the same way as regular shampoo. Start at the head and behind the ears, and lather down towards the tail. Allow the lather to do its work by leaving it in for at least five minutes. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

Tip: As with all grooming procedures, owners should help make flea shampooing a positive experience for their pup. Keep your dog busy with their favorite treats while you lather and wait patiently for the fleas to decease.

Flea Treatment Is More Than Shampoo

Using flea shampoo is a great start, but the somewhat painstaking treatment does not end there.

As mentioned previously, flea shampoos quickly eliminate a large ratioof fleas. To be specific, a large ratio can mean up to 90% of the infestation. Even the most costly and effective flea shampoos won’t be able to kill the whole flea population on your pup.

Flea infestation is likely to have grown a lot further than your dog’s fur. While fleas lay their eggs on dogs, these eggs tend to roll off around the home. This means that the fleas currently on your dog can be successfully eliminated; but as soon as they chill on the carpet or bed, the infestation will begin again. Therefore it is especially important that you also remove the fleas in your home, as well as on your pooch.

Summary: A single wash is not going to result to a flea-free dog. It is only the combination of repeated, thorough shampooing and a clean, flea-free home that will guarantee the flee of fleas!

How to Choose the Best Dog Flea Shampoo

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Selecting the best dog flea shampoo can be difficult because different shampoos contain different ingredients. You want a product that contains effective flea killing ingredients but you are concerned about exposing your dog to harmful chemicals that can further irritate your dog’s flea-infested skin.

While it is true that pesticides have been associated with potential side effects, it is also difficult to ignore the fact that they are unquestionably effective. So what is the solution? Try opting for a flea shampoo that has effective insecticides that will eliminate flea eggs and adult fleas, together with soothing gentle ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera or coconut. These ingredients can almost act as a conditioner, which can make a dog’s coat even better than the pre-flea days!

A flea shampoo that ticks all these boxes is the Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo.

Flea Pesticides in Dog Flea Shampoos

There are many complex chemicals listed in a flea shampoo’s ingredient list. It can be quite confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. To help you on your journey in finding the best flea shampoo, we have summarized a simple explanation for each of the pesticides commonly found in flea shampoos:

  • Pyrethrins: originated from chrysanthemum flowers and have been historically used for flea and tick control. Pyrethrins kill fleas by attacking their central nervous system to cause paralysis.
  • Pyrethroids: a group of synthetic compounds created in laboratories including permethrin, etofenprox, allethrin, phenothrin and resmethrin. These work in a similar way as pyrethrins. However, pyrethrins act more quickly and pyrethroids have longer lasting effects.
  • Methoprene: is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Unlike pyrethrins and pyrethroids, methoprene targets flea eggs and larvae by preventing them from developing into adults. Only adult fleas suck blood.
Important: Permethrin is safe for dogs but highly toxic for cats. So if you’re thinking about using a dog flea shampoo on a cat, be cautious that it does not contain permethrin.

What About 100% Natural Flea Shampoos?

After all the pesticides talk, we understand if you’re thinking about a 100% natural flea shampoo. They definitely exist, but they’re not often effective enough to remove an active flea infestation. Mixtures of strong essential oils such as cinnamon, rosemary and peppermint are common ingredients in natural flea shampoos. While these cause little effect on fleas, they do have the potential to repel the tiny pests away.

Summary: All-natural flea shampoos are a great for protecting your dog against fleas. To manage an existing infestation however, we advise using Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Shampoo or Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo.

Final Thoughts On The Best Dog Flea Shampoo

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Fleas can be an issue, even in the most cleanest homes and dogs. Dog flea shampoos are designed to eliminate and repel those pesky fleas off our beloved companions. Keeping on top of our dog’s health and wellbeing is a high priority, so it is important to make sure you choose a flea shampoo that is safe and non-harmful for both your dog and you. After all, a flea-free dog is a happy one. We’ve taken the time to research the products and their ingredients to make sure you can invest with confidence.

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