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The Best Dog Harness for Hiking

By: | Updated: March 1, 2020

Hiking with your dog is great exercise and a fun way to bond with your pet. When hiking with your dog, it’s important to take the proper precautions and has the best gear to keep it safe. Choosing the best dog harness for hiking will help keep your dog safe and secure, which is essential when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Best Dog Harness for Hiking

This list of the best dog harnesses for hiking was compiled after hours of extensive research into the different products on the market. These harnesses are considered to be the best based on their consumer reviews and product information from the manufacturer. Most harnesses come in several sizes and colors so you can choose the one that will work best for your dog. Quality, strength, design, and comfort were all taken into consideration when choosing the harnesses that would make it onto

Below are the 5 best dog harnesses for hiking with your dog.

RUFFWEAR – Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

The RUFFWEAR multi-use dog harness is ideal for hiking and other outdoor sporting activities. This harness is available in 5 sizes and 3 colors. It has been anatomically designed to be comfortable for your dog to wear, even on long hikes. The straps on the harness are padded on the inside for comfort. The harness also features a designated area for patches and signage for those who need to identify their service or therapy dog.

The top of the harness has a padded and reinforced handle so you can help your dog over obstacles as needed. There are 5 points of adjustment on this harness so you can have a custom fit that won’t slip off your dog and also won’t cause chaffing. The 2 sturdy leash connection points give you plenty of control.

Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear

The Daypak Dog Backpack is available in blue or green. This backpack comes in small, medium, or large, and includes adjustable straps for a custom fit for your dog. It features a breathable mesh to help keep your dog cool during your hikes. The pockets on the side can be used to hold small items like keys, dog treats, or doggie bags. The pockets are expandable and were designed to be balanced so as not to affect your dog during strenuous hikes.

The top of the backpack features a D-ring to attach your leash. The backpack also has a handle on top so you can help your dog and maintain better control when crossing obstacles or difficult terrain. The reflective accents adds visibility to keep your dog safe during early morning or late evening hikes.

EXPAWLORER No-Pull Dog Harness

The EXPAWLORER harness comes in medium, large, and extra-large. This harness has a reflective material to keep your dog safe and visible in low light conditions. The outer layer of the harness is constructed of scratch-resistant Oxford material that holds up well to heavy duty usage.

The handle on the back can be used to secure your dog while riding in the car and is also great for helping your dog over obstacles during your hikes. This ergonomically designed harness has a no-pull design which works well for dogs who are still learning to walk on a leash in a controlled way. It has 2 leash attachment points and includes soft sponge padding on the inside in the chest and belly areas.

EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

The EzyDog Convert trail-ready harness comes in 7 sizes and 4 colors. This harness has a rugged design that makes it ideal for hiking. The outer shell is constructed of durable polyester material with a soft cotton lining for comfort. The chest strap is fully adjustable and has tough Velcro that won’t budge during hikes.

This harness also has a pinch-free design for peace of mind. The top of the harness includes a durable D-ring that won’t rust, along with a handle for better control. The reflective strips increase visibility while hiking in low light conditions. This harness has side badges that can be customized with your dog’s name or other information. It also includes an ID attachment point for your dog’s tags.

RUFFWEAR – Doubleback, Strength-Rated Belay Dog Harness

This harness from RUFFWEAR comes in a neutral gray color with red accents. It’s available in 4 sizes and features 7 points of adjustment for a secure fit. The harness has 2 handles on top so you can help your dog during difficult hikes and maintain better control.

The buckles on this harness are made of anodized aluminum for durability. It has a primary tie-in point at the center of the back part of the harness for easy attachment. The belly supports and leg loops are padded to keep your dog comfortable. The leg loops also help with better weight distribution and they can be stowed away for circumstances where they aren’t needed. This harness has additional loops for increased stability and is also carabiner friendly.

Buying a Dog Harness for Hiking

dog hiking on a harness


When you’re choosing a dog harness to use while hiking, the security of the harness may be the most important consideration. A heavy duty harness that’s designed for frequent outdoor use should have secure fasteners. Many of these types of harnesses are made with clips that are constructed from steel or heavy duty plastic.

The clip or fastener should stay closed even when pulled on with force. You don’t want to take any chances on your dog getting out of their harness while you’re hiking. Some harnesses may also have a Velcro closure that helps adjust the fit. This type of Velcro is typically very strong and durable.

Fit and Comfort

A secure and comfortable fit is very important when it comes to hiking harnesses for dogs. Comfort is also crucial as you don’t want the harness to cause pain to your dog during strenuous hikes. Many harnesses have padding that helps prevent excessive rubbing or chaffing to your dog. Most have several points of adjustment so you can easily loosen and tighten the harness to a custom fit based on the size of your dog.

When choosing a hiking harness for your dog, it’s essential to read the sizing guide provided by the manufacturer. Most harnesses have a weight range, but knowing how to measure your dog is the most crucial factor in choosing the right fit.


It’s important to consider the construction quality of each harness before making a purchase. Most harnesses are made with a durable fabric that can stand up to being used outdoors and won’t rip or tear easily. Some harnesses may feature mesh inserts that help keep your dog cool. The straps of the harness should be strong and not vulnerable to damage from encountering rocks, shrubs, and other natural elements during your hikes. It’s also important to compare the leash attachments. This feature needs to be extremely durable, and likely should be rust-resistant, so it can stand up to the tough conditions you may encounter during your hikes.

Bonus Features

Many harnesses may include added features that make them more functional for hiking with your dog. Some may come with a bonus tether that allows you to secure your dog while in the car. These tethers can also be used during training as they give more control than a long leash. Another useful feature that some harnesses have is reflecting panels.

This allows other people to notice you and your dog while you’re hiking. A harness with a sturdy handle on top can help you control your dog and also allow you to lift your dog safely over certain types of obstacles. Lastly, a backpack style harness gives you the option of carrying small items for your dog in a convenient and easily accessible location.

Dog Harnesses for Hiking Concluded

A well-made dog harness is essential if you enjoy taking your dog hiking. When choosing a dog hiking harness, it’s important to consider the fit and durability. These types of harnesses should be able to hold up to heavy-duty usage and should not be damaged from being used out in the elements. This list of the best dog harnesses for hiking can help you choose one that works for your dog so you can enjoy your time spent hiking with your outdoor-loving pooch.

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