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The Best Dog Nail Grinders

By: | Updated: October 26, 2019

Short nails are vital to your dog’s health. Allowing them to grow too long can lead to adverse consequences.

Generally, a dog’s nail needs to be trimmed every three to eight weeks depending on the breed and level of activity. ASPCA suggests it’s time for a trim when you can hear your dog’s nails tap on the floor.

Long toenails are painful when walking on a hard surface. Hard surfaces push the nail into the nail bed, causing stress on toe joints or forces the toe to twist to one side. If left unchecked, it can lead to nerve damage. When the slightest touch is painful to your pooch, chances are they will fuss when you pick up the paw to trim the nails.

The two most common grooming tools used for trimming dog nails are clippers or grinders.

This article focuses on dog nail grinders because they’re a great alternative to nail clippers. Nail clippers are cheaper, quicker and don’t require electricity. But nail grinders are safer, easier and less stressful.

The best dog nail grinders

We’ve described the 5 best dog nail grinder reviews on the market below, along with a complete buyers guide. We hope this helps you choose the best one for you and your companion!

The following nail grinders are all highly rated, stress-free and safe for your dog:

1. Dremel 7300-PGK 4.8V Pet Grooming Kit

Dremel’s new grinder design includes a 45-degree paw guide. This allows the user to achieve the optimal angle for safely grinding nails to prevent pain to a dog’s nail nerve. It also includes a clear cap for full visibility of your dog’s nails.

This lightweight nail grinder is rechargeable and works cordlessly, useful for light and quick grinding sessions.

It features a fur guard to stop a dog’s fur from getting caught in the grinder. It also has an attachment that captures nail dust.

The handle has an ergonomic design, enhancing the user’s precision.

It is easy to assemble, easy to clean, great for beginners and designed for all breeds of dogs. It can also be used for cats.

Bonus: other Dremel rotary tools may be compatible with this nail grinder.

2. Oster Professional Corded Pet Nail Grinder Kit

This lightweight corded nail grinder offers variable speeds to provide sufficient power for all nail types. This includes dogs of a larger breed or dogs with tough nails.

The ergonomic design has a low rotational forceand includes finger grips for easier and safer grinding. This also provides extra comfort, control and precision for the user.

The “whisper-quiet” but powerful motor is a great feature to help keep your dog calm and comfortable during the grooming session.

Bonus: for extra safety, the grinder can be easily stopped by placing your fingers around the sanding drum. This is an important feature for if your dog jerks or you accidentally hurt your dog.

3. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

This easily affordable nail grinder has three size openings to choose from, depending on your dog’s nail size.

It is especially designed to be quiet and emits low vibrations. This provides a more gently approach to trimming nails and is especially useful for frightened dogs.

It is rechargeable and portable, making this nail grinder easy to use. Its USB wire adds extra convenience.

Bonus: useful for households with multiple pets, as this tool is friendly also friendly for cats, rabbits, hamsters and birds.

4. URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder

This battery-operated cordless nail grinder is suitable for all shaped dogs thanks to its 3 different sized ports. It can also be used for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds.

Its lightweight ergonomic design makes the tool easy and comfortable to hold while grinding your dog’s nails.

Bonus: as this tool is created with diamond fragments, the grinder requires minimal maintenance and the grinding tips do not need to be replaced.

5. Andis EasyClip 2-Speed Nail Grinder

This corded nail grinder is efficient, lightweight and contains a strong motor.

It features two speeds. Nails can be grinded at a slower speed without the grinder slowing down as it does its work. This enhances safety, provides greater precision and generates less heat.

The ergonomic silicone sleeve provides comfort, grip and more control when grinding a dog’s nails.

It comes with a high-quality storage zipper bag to hold the grinder and all the accompanying accessories.

Bonus: can be used with other brands of detachable tools.

What is a dog nail grinder?

A nail grinder is a type of grooming tool that serves as a safer alternative to nail clippers. They use sandpaper to shorten the nail in fragments, rather than cutting them off in chunks. This works in a similar way to filing our own nails.

Using a high-speed rotating grinder creates friction, leaving a smooth nail that is unlikely to scratch or catch on anything.

What are the benefits for using a dog nail grinder?

There are many benefits for using a dog nail grinder. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to nail clippers or you’re new to the dog scene, nail grinders are a must-have.

Good for unsteady hands

While clippers are the fastest method for trimming your dog’s nails, they need a strong and steady hand. This isn’t always easy when your dog is jerking its paw away.

If you feel your hands aren’t steady enough to clip your dog’s nails, you’re likely to find a nail grinder easier to use. You won’t need the same level of accuracy to position the grinder on the nail, as you would need with clippers.

Plus, grinders don’t require as much hand strength and it’s easy to trim your dog’s nails to a safe length.


A grinder allows you to have very small, slow and controlled movements. This significantly reduces the possibility of causing harm to your dog.

With clippers, it’s easy to accidentally nip your dog’s nails too short and cause bleeding. But with grinders, the user can easily prevent cutting a dog or into the quick (blood vessels beneath the nail).

If a nail grinder is used properly, it’s almost impossible to accidentally injure your dog. In addition, grinders don’t put excessive pressure on the nail.

Helpful for apprehensive dogs

If your dog has experienced trauma with nail clippers, it’s unlikely they will forget about it anytime soon.

Your pup may still be fearful when you touch their paw. This is why it’s important to slowly introduce the grinder to your dog. Show them the grinder and handle their paws while providing plenty of treats.

Smooth and rounded nail

A grinder allows you to smooth and round the edges of your dog’s nails for the perfect shape. Smooth nails keeps your carpet, furniture and clothes protected from scratches.

Having smoother nails is also useful if your dog tends to jump or scratch.

Helpful for dogs with dark nails

The quick can be difficult to view on dogs with dark nails. A nail grinder allows you to trim the nail while looking out for the quick.

Top tip: The quick is when you see small dots in the middle of the nail.

Reduces the likelihood of pinching and nail breakage

Clippers pinch down and squeeze on your dog’s cuticle while cutting. This can hurt your dog, even if you don’t cut into the quick.

Although uncommon, the pressure from clippers can cause your dog’s nails to split. Ouch! 

Great for senior dogs

As a dog grows older, their nails become weaker. Senior dogs are more vulnerable to having their nails shatter when using a clipper.

Using a grinder prevents nail shattering from happening.

Great for thick nails

Large and thick nails can be difficult to clip. A dog nail grinder is a great solution to this issue.

How to introduce a nail grinder to your dog


Picture of puppies with treats.


As with all things new, it’s important to slowly introduce the grinder to your dog. It’ll help your dog to be more familiar with the grinder, especially if they can be easily frightened.

The following explains a step-by-step guidance on how to introduce the grinder to your dog:

  1. Present your dog the grinder. Reward by feeding a treat and praise them enthusiastically. This will help your dog become used to the sight of the grinder.
  2. Place treats near the grinder to encourage your dog to sniff and be close to the grinder. Repeat until your dog seems comfortable to stay near the grinder.
  3. Hold the grinder in your hand and quickly turn it on and off, followed by treats. This will help get your dog used to the sound of the grinder, which can be frightening at first. Repeat until your dog no longer feels startled by the noise.
  4. Slowly increase the time you leave the grinder on and reward.
  5. Turn the grinder on. Briefly tap your dog’s nail and reward.
NOTE: This process will take time; it may take days or even weeks. Many dogs will find the sound or sensation unpleasant at first, but don’t give up. Go slowly, be patient and don’t hold back on your pooch’s favorite treats!

How to grind dogs nails

Before you begin to grind your dog’s nails, it’s important to remember a couple things.

Firstly, only grind a small amount of your dog’s nail in one setting. Secondly, only hold the grinder against the nail for two to three seconds at a time. This is because friction on the nails causes the grinder to generate heat. Take frequent breaks if you need to.

The following steps describes the best way to safely grind your dog’s nails:

  1. Prepare the area. Make sure each paw is ready for grinding. This may mean cutting back fur to allow enough room for
  2. Place your dog in a comfy position.
  3. Start on the hind feet, as the nails tend to be a little shorter and less sensitive than the front. Hold onto your dog’s foot, in a way that allows you to easily separate the toes from one another. Your dog can either sit with their paws out or have their paw bent backwards.
  4. Get your grinder ready. Gently hold onto your dog’s nail and be careful not to squeeze too hard. Make sure to hold back any hair or fur away from the grinding tool so it does not get caught.
  5. Hold close to the top of the grinder for better control. Begin to lightly grind across the bottom then carefully in from the tip of the nail. Press and release in small bursts then move onto the next nail. Start slowly to prevent over grinding the nail and let the rotational speed of the tool to do the work.
  6. Repeat step 4 until you’ve reached the desirable length and keep an eye out of the quick as a sign to stop (small white dots).
  7. Smooth the rough edges.

Make this fun for your dog by associating nail trimming with lots of treats and praise. If you have a nervous dog or your dog loses patience quickly, try trimming one nail a day. By doing this, you’re keeping the sessions short and your dog will learn to become less frightened about it overtime.

If you repeat this on a weekly basis, the quick will dry up and recede. This will allow you to trim your dog’s nails even shorter. Plus, you’ll be able to easily maintain short nails on your dog.

We also recommend you grind nails outside. This is because grinding creates dust and an unpleasant odor.

If you would like a visual demonstration and further tips on how to grind your dog’s nails, check out the useful video below:

Best dog nail grinder: buyer’s guide

As dog nail grinders come in many different styles and designs, it can be difficult to choose which one to purchase. We’ve listed the most important features to look out for.

Optimal grinder power

Selecting a grinder that is too slow and underpowered will be marginally more efficient than filing your dog’s nails by hand. Selecting a grinder that is too powerful can be difficult to control and heat up the nails quickly.

In order for a grinder to make a difference to a dog’s nail, it needs to have an optimal amount of rotational power.


Grinding tends to be a slow process, so it’s important for the tool to remain comfortable in your hand. It also needs to be easy to hold for a lengthy period of time.

Look for a grinder that isn’t too heavy and has an ergonomic design with rubber finger grips on the handle. Finger grips provide added comfortable and grip for better control.

If you’re comfortable using a grinder, this will encourage your dog to be comfortable too.

Variable grinding speeds

Having more than one grinding speed is particularly useful for a wide variety of nail types.

Plus, it helps your dog become accustomed to the idea of a nail grinder. You can begin with the lowest speed and increase as necessary.

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery provides convenience. You won’t have to worry about inconveniently making sure there is a stock of AA batteries at home.

It’s also better for the environment and you’ll save money over time.


A cordless grinder is easier to use and rotate, compared to one that plugs into an electrical outlet. Further, it’s useful for quick and light grinding sessions.

However, a corded grinder may be valuable if your dog has tough and thick nails. Grinders that require electricity will be more powerful and durable for the job.

Quiet noise

Quiet grinders that emit low vibrations provide a more gentle but effective approach to trimming nails. Plus, this feature is a bonus for frightened dogs.

Fur guard

Grinder fur guards help prevent dog’s fur from getting caught in the grinder. This will allow you to focus on the nail grinding, rather than holding back the fur yourself.

Nail dust capturer

A grinder that captures the nail dust will help to keep your home and clean.

Our favorite dog nail grinder

Out of the five nail grinders we have presented, it’s a tough decision to choose a single best one. So we’ve chosen three!

Overall, our most favorite dog nail grinder is the Dremel 7300-PGK 4.8V Pet Grooming Kit. This top quality product may be more expensive than its competitors, but it has all of the best features to make nail grinding a pleasant and easy experience for you and your dog.

Our most powerful top pick is the Oster Professional Corded Pet Nail Grinder Kit. The powerful and corded motor is great for tough and large nails.

The winner of our best budget buy is the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. It has all the important features while remaining value for money.

Final thoughts on finding the best dog nail grinder

Picture of a dog holding out their paws.


Grooming your dogs can be overwhelming, but the process for shortening nails doesn’t have to be.

Nail grinders are an absolute must-have for trimming your dog’s nails. Your success on finding the best dog nail grinder will depend on the features most useful for your pup and grinding techniques you apply.

By reading our best dog nail grinder reviews, we hope it has helped in finding the perfect one for you and your companion!

Please share your experiences with our readers and us by leaving a comment below.

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