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The Best Dog Seat Covers

By: | Updated: October 24, 2019

Dog car seat covers are the ticket for a smooth and easy journey with your canine companion.

Every dog owner knows all too well about the difficulties that may arise with a dog in the car. Dirty paw prints on the seats, nose prints on the windows and dog hair are just a few of the mishaps that we have to deal with.

No grooming or valeting tools will leave your car seats completely free from dog hair, no matter how thorough you try. This is why dog seat covers are an essential travel accessory. Let a dog seat cover take the hair and dirt, so your car’s upholstery doesn’t have to!

The 5 best dog seat covers

Many pups have the potential to leave your car’s interior slightly worse for wear. So we’ve reviewed 5 of the best dog seat covers on the market to keep your dog safe and comfy, and the car clean and intact.

All of the following dog seat covers are easy and quick to install, waterproof, easy to clean, made of non-slip material and easily convertible between hammock and standard bench coverage. We’ve listed 5 of the best dog seat covers below that we’re sure you and your dog will love.

1. Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers

This dog seat cover provides full protection to the doors, headrests and backseats. The durable side coversprotect the doors and make it almost impossible for your pooch’s fur and dirt to reach the floor of the car.

As this comes with two headrest covers, the front or back can be protected from hair and scratches.

The material is made up of three layers with extra paddingfor comfort.

This fits well in most vehicles and is available in two sizes. The middle zips can be adjusted accordingly to allow backseat passengers and dogs to sit together. Its velcro openings for seat belts ensures everyone is safe for the journey.

Taken together, these great features will make sure all areas of the backseats are safeguarded from dirt and hair – making this product our best dog seat cover.

2. EASJOY Luxury X Large Car Seat Cover

This extra-large dog seat cover is ideal for SUVs. It has all the essential safety features to keep your dog protected during the journey, while remaining flexible for backseat passengers.

The nonslip backing makes sure the seat cover stays in place, allowing your pooch to freely move around. The quilted material is comfortable and blends flawlessly with your interior.

Its velcro seat belt openings protect seats while ensuring passengers can be safe and buckled in.

The hammock provides further protection for the back of the front seats. But if a passenger wishes to join your pooch at the back, the hammock can be easily removed from the front headrests.

Its side flaps protect the car doors and comes with metal hooks to attach onto the grab handles.

3. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

This dog seat cover splits 60/40 or 50/50 – perfect for accommodating either side of the seat folding down. With the two durable zips in the middle pane, you can also fold down the armrest between the seats.

It comes in two sizes to fit most vehicles and various colours to perfectly match your interior.

The rubber backing prevents the seat cover from slipping out of place.

The velcro at the bottom of the cover allows full and easy access for seat belts (including the center seatbelt!) and for connection.

4. Duke & Dixie Backseat Hammock Seat Cover

This all in one pack is value for money. It provides everything you need to keep your dog still while protecting your seats: hammock, single seat cover and two seatbelt leashes.

The durable hammock is fully adjustable to attach perfectly onto the headrests. Its side flaps provide extra coverage for when your dog gets in and out of the car.

For extra security, its soft PVC handles go inside the seat to stop the cover from moving out of place.

Each cover comes with a storage tote to ensure safety and protection when not in use.

For mischievous pups, the two restraining safety belts can be inserted into the seatbelt clips and connect directly onto your dog’s harness. This will keep your dog secure in one place, reduce the likelihood of injury and prevent your dog from distracting you whilst driving.

5. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

This easily affordable dog seat cover is available in two sizes, accommodating for all sized cars.

Its material has been designed to be durable with its extra stitching and prevents color bleeding onto the seats.

As well as rubber non-slip backing, this seat cover also has seat anchors to prevent the cover from sliding around and quick-release buckles to install around the headrest.

BarksBar have also gone through testing their seat cover to endure ‘extreme’ temperatures.

Dog seat cover: buyer’s guide

When looking for the best dog seat cover, we’ve looked for key features to ensure all rear passengers are safe (dogs and children) while keeping your interior clean.

Easy and quick to install

Chances are, your dog won’t be accompanying you for ALL of your car travels. You want to be able to prepare any seat in the car instantly for a canine or human companion.

So, it’s important to find a car seat that is easy and quick to install, but also easily as quick to remove.

Ideally, look for buckles that can be quickly released. This wins over straps, because buckles that have been adjusted to fit your seats will be much easier to put on afterwards.

Padded material

Picture of a dog in someone's lap.


As you’re looking for a seat cover for your canine companion then it’s important to keep your pup cool and relaxed on the journey.

For extra comfort, look for products that have multi layers and are made up of padded material.

Waterproof and easy to clean

As well as protecting your seats from wet and muddy paws, the best seat covers need to be easy to clean. This is so they can be refreshed before your next outdoor adventure!

Easy to clean means vacuuming, throwing it into the washing machine or hosing it down without impairing its durability.

Easily convertible between hammock and standard bench

A hammock design is great from discourages your pup from jumping into the front seat and protects the back from wear and tear.

But when you have more rear passengers, it’s more ideal to have a standard bench covering the rear seats.

Instead of buying a dog seat cover that has either a hammock or standard bench design, it’s best to get a dog seat cover that does both. In this case, you can choose accordingly to the situation.

Velcro seatbelt openings

Seatbelt openings built in a dog seat cover are great for when there are passengers in the rear.

However when it’s just your pooch, the seatbelt openings are unlikely to be comfortable and may get scratched or dirty. So, look for a product that has velcro seatbelt openings. These are hidden from view but can easily connect to seatbelts when needed.

Non-slip material

While you’re driving, most dogs tend to be distracted by what’s happening out the car window. Often, they may run across your car seats to look from one window to another.

Whatever the reason for your pup to move around, a car seat cover needs to have a backing made of non-slip material. This would prevent the seat cover from sliding, and to keep it in the right place – covering all of your seats!

Some seat covers have further measures in place to prevent slipping, such as handles or seat anchors.

Side covers

As seat covers inevitably cover the seats, it’s great to look for one that also has side covers. This means extra protection against your doors, which can easily get scratched and muddy too.

Side flaps

Side flaps don’t just help protect the sides of the seats for when your dog gets in and out of the car, but also helps keep the seat cover in place.

Our favorite dog seat cover

Our personal favorite dog seat cover has to be the Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers. Though it may be more costly than some other brands on the market, you certainly get what you pay for.

It fully protects the doors, sides, headrests, back seats, the back of the front seats and the floor of the car!

It’s cool, comfortable and caters for most vehicles. Plus, the velcro openings for seat belts allows passengers to keep your pooch company at the back.

Final thoughts on the best dog seat cover

Picture of a dog poking their head out of the car.


Whether your dog slobbers, jumps to the window, jumps to the front seats or simply can’t sit still, having a dog seat cover is the best way to protect your car upholstery while keeping your dog safe and comfortable. Your dog’s happiness and yours go hand in paw.

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