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The Best Dog Water Fountains

By: | Updated: October 26, 2019

With so many products on the market, searching for the best dog water fountain can be tiring. It’s not unusual for dog owners to invest dozens of dollars on dog water fountains to find they’re too noisy, difficult to clean and required high maintenance. Worst of all, some dogs even refused to use the machine.

We’ve reviewed the best dog water fountains on the market, so you don’t have to. With our complete buyer’s guide, you can easily compare and decide which one is greatest for you and your dog!

The best dog water fountains

We’ve listed the 5 best water fountains below, that we’re sure your dog will adore. All of the following fountains are highly rated, dog safe and easy to clean:

1. iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

This is our best rated dog water fountain.

A new and improved curvature design provides even easier access for your dog. As it’s made of high-quality natural ceramic, it’s also eco-friendly and non-toxic. The 360 design makes it great for households with multiple pets.

With a lotus flower design, this 70 Oz water fountain must be the most attractive on the market. Its flowing technology directs the water to swish to the sides of the bowl before it hits the pool of water, making this water fountain almost silent.

This is our best rated dog water fountain. A highly recommended purchase!

2. TrioGato’s Outdoor Dog Pet Water Sprinkler Easy Activated Dog Water Fountain Toy

While there are many variants of this water fountain on the market, Trio Gato is the leading company.

This outdoor water fountain acts as a sprinkler that is easily activated when your dog steps on the pedal. With the paw-design on the pedal, your dog can be easily trained to use this water fountain quickly.

It is made with heavy-duty gauge steelto guarantee its durability. The leak-proof copper valve and rubber friction pad prevents movement of the water fountainwhen in use.

It is the easiest water fountain to set-up. All you need to do is connect it to your water hose and it’s ready to go.

Whether you have a small, medium or large dog, the water pressure can be adjusted by controlling the valve.

Unlike other water fountains, there’s no need to refill or clean!It also doesn’t require batteries or an electrical supply.

The must-have item is a highly recommended buy. Not only would you be purchasing a water fountain, but also a toy!

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Seascape Ceramic Dog and Cat Water Fountain

If you have a small to medium sized dog, this water fountain is for you.

This stylish water fountain provides 70 ounces of fresh water and perfectly fits with your home décor. It’s pleasing on the eye and made out of stoneware ceramic, so sturdiness is guaranteed.

More importantly, this water fountain is quiet. The pump can only be heard if it needs refilling.

It needs minimal maintenance – refill once a day and clean once a week.

It is super easy to take apart and put back together for stress-free cleaning.

4. Lunvon 100 OZ Pet Fountain Dog Water Dispenser

If you’re looking for the perfect quality but affordable dog water fountain, look no further. This water fountain has all the best features you need – it’s quiet, durable, fun, easy to clean and intelligent!

Each of its three intelligent modes has been specially designed to cater for all types of dog needs: normal (water flows continuously), smart (30-second flow at 30 minute intervals) or fancy (on for a few seconds, off for a few seconds).

With a 100 Oz water tank, this is one of the more larger water fountains on the market.

A key feature is the water shortage protection. When a lack of water is detected, the indicator light will turn red and the water pump will automatically stop. Once water is added to the tank, the pump will restart again automatically. The smart technology helps protect the pumpand extend the life of the fountain.

In addition, the indicator light will signal when the water tank contains an appropriate water level by turning blue. If the indicator light flashes blue, this means it’s time to replace the water filter.

So there’s no need to remember when you last replaced the filter or when to add more water. This clever water fountain will keep you notified.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Water Fountain

Another recommended water fountain from PetSafe.

As you might have guessed by the name, this water fountain is perfect for larger dog breeds. It’s also great for households with many pets.

Its huge 288 Oz water capacity makes this water fountain one of the largest on the market. You won’t need to refill often to keep your pooch hydrated.

The 5-inch deep bowlhelps to prevent any spills.

This water fountain is shipped completely assembled, so you won’t have to. Parts that need cleaning can be easily removed.

As a bonus, an anti-bite cover protects the cordgreat for chewers!

What are the benefits for buying a dog water fountain?

There are 6 main reasons why buying a dog water fountain is an investment:

Water is the best way to cool down a dog that is overheating

Picture of a dog in the grass.


When our bodies overheat, we have sweat glands to help cool us down. Dogs on the other hand, don’t have the same major sweat glands as we do. The limited sweat glands a dog does have are predominantly in the paw pads and on the nose.

While dogs can sweat a little through their paw pads, it’s not enough to be the main way of staying cool. Instead, they cool down by panting.

The primary way for dogs to naturally cool down is by dilating the blood vessels around their face and ears. This helps transport hot blood directly to the surface of the skin, where the blood can cool before returning back to heart.

Overheating and dehydration can quickly become a serious matter. But drinking water resolves the situation almost immediately. By having constant access to water, dogs can regulate their own body temperature when the temperature gets too hot. This is particularly important if your dog is your running partner.

Dog water fountains are especially designed to protect your dog from the heat, by making sure they get plenty of cool, clean, pure and highly oxygenated water at all times.

Your dog will have access to the healthiest water

Like all water fountains, the water is continuously filtered. It stays fresh and keeps any impurities and dirt out.

On average, dogs should drink an ounce of water per pound of weight every day. By having a water fountain, your dog is guaranteed to receive all the fluids they need to stay healthy.

Our dogs are heavily dependent on us to provide them with what they need. If we’re too occupied with making them look good on the outside, we may overlook what’s important to their health. Water fountains provide a solution in keeping your dog healthy by ensuring their hydration needs are always met.

A healthy dog equals fewer visits to the vets, ultimately reducing your veterinary bills.

Dogs prefer to drink from flowing sources than stagnant drinking water

Picture of a dog drinking water.


Have you ever wondered why you occasionally catch your dog drinking from a dripping tap? Research suggests that pooches prefer to drink from flowing sources than stagnant drinking water. This is because dogs find flowing water more appealing.

Dog water fountains offer free-flowing water, encouraging your dog to drink more and stay hydrated. Without question, dog water fountains are superior to a bowl of stagnant water.

Dogs are very playful animals. They notice and chase every small object that moves. A water fountain will certainly grab their attention, further alluring them to use it.

Simple and hassle-free

Dog owners who are fed up with having to endlessly empty, clean, refill and monitor the dog’s water bowl will certainly benefit from a water fountain. Because of its filter, there’s no need to replace the water every day.

Some models have a large water reservoir that can be filled with enough water to last throughout the day. If you’re out for a short time, you can be comfortable knowing your dog will have access to clean water.

You only have to change the filters regularly to make sure it gives you optimal performance. Most models even have a pre-filter system to catch hair and other debris, thus extending the life of the machine.

Being dishwasher safe makes it super easy to clean compared to cleaning your usual water bowl. You’ll definitely notice a huge difference.

Cleans the air in your home

Not only is the water fountain beneficial for your dog’s health, but also for every one else nearby. By adding humidity to a room, it enhances the quality of the air.

Great for other pets

Picture of a kitten cuddling a puppy.


If you also have cats at home, having a drinking water fountain is a bonus. Your cats can also enjoy using the drinking water fountain to stay hydrated.

Dog water fountain: buyer’s guide

When looking for the best dog water fountain, it needs to be: durable, an adequate size, have limited noise, be fun and visually pleasing.


You need to know that when purchasing a water fountain, it’s going to be there for the long run. While you’re out, you want to know that you can trust your water fountain to keep your pooch hydrated. When looking for a durable dog water fountain, make sure to look for those that are sturdy. This means being heavy enough to stay in place.

Look out for those made out of ceramic, rather than plastic or stainless steel.

Try to avoid plastic fountains as they can be easily scratched and harbor bacteria. If you do buy a plastic fountain, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly on a regular basis. Stainless steel fountains are good, but they can give the water an undesirable metallic taste. Ceramic does not have these issues.


Picture of a Great Dane.


For your dog water fountain to be fit for purpose, it needs to be an adequate size to cater for your dog’s hydration levels. Before purchasing a dog water fountain, consider the size of your dog and how much water they should consume.

If you have a large dog or multiple pets, you want to get a fountain that holds enough water. If not, you’ll have to refill more than once a day. This might not be convenient for when you go out.

Not only does the size need to suit your pooch, but it also needs to suit the space available to you. Consider where you’re going to put the water fountain. It’ll need to be an easily accessible place for your dog, while also near an electrical outlet (or hose if outdoors).

Limited noise

The last thing you want to do is buy a noisy water fountain. There’s a chance your dog may not use it if they feel frightened. But the more likely outcome is that it’ll drive you insane.

The best dog water fountain is one where you can hardly notice it’s running.


Water fountains already encourage your dog to drink out of it with its free-flowing water. But if a water fountain is also entertaining, your pooch will have endless fun!


While not particularly important for your pup, appearance may matter to you.

Your water fountain will be staying in your home for a long time. If it keeps your pooch hydrated and also looks attractive, then it’ll be a bonus.

Final thoughts on the best dog water fountains

Picture of a dog asleep in human arms.


Finding the best dog water fountain can be challenging. It’s important to search for a water fountain that will meet both your dog’s and your needs. Some hold more water, are more visually appealing or simply more fun.

Although water fountains can be expensive, it may be worth investing in a high quality, durable product. Remember – it’s more than just a water fountain, because it will improve and maintain your dog’s health.

Keeping your pooch healthy will ultimately mean a longer and better quality of life, reducing the likelihood of health-related illnesses and visits to the veterinary.

However if are struggling on a budget, don’t worry. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market that still have excellent features.

As long as the water fountain provides free flowing, clean, pure and highly oxygenated water at all times, you can’t go wrong.

We hope this article helped in your search for finding the ideal dog water fountain for you and your pooch. If you chose any of our options, please leave a comment to let us and the other readers know what you think!

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