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The Best Leather Dog Leash

By: | Updated: September 10, 2020

If you’ve decided to get a leather dog collar you’ve made a great choice. Leather is an excellent material, it doesn’t fray or get damaged as easily and it can withstand heavy pulling from large dogs. We’ve rounded up some of the best leather dog leashes around and bring you a few tips on buying them.

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The Best Leather Dog Leashes

The leather dog leashes on this list were chosen based on quality, construction, and durability.  If you’re looking for a top quality leash that’s well made and designed to last for years to come, our list of leashes tick all the right boxes.

Below is a list of the 5 best leather dog leashes

1. Soft Touch Collars – Leather Braided Dog Leash

This braided leather leash from Soft Touch Collars is available in several colors. It comes in a 4-foot length or a 6-foot length. The 6-foot option is available in two widths. This leash is handmade of natural materials and is suitable for dogs of all sizes. The leather has been naturally tanned without the use of harsh dyes or chemicals. The tanning process uses natural materials like leaves and bark which means the color will only get better with time. This leash features a padded handle that helps you better control your dog comfortably.

The hardware on the leash is made of solid brass with a lacquered finish which makes the clip and other parts resistant to rust and corrosion. The manufacturer of this leash stands behind the product and offers a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

2. Signature K9 Braided Leather Leash

The Signature K9 braided leather leash is available in several lengths and widths to work well for dogs of all weights. This leash is made of the same material used by law enforcement and military K9 handlers. The high-quality latigo leather is designed to maintain its shape and integrity for a lifetime of use. This leash has a braided detail at the handle and clasp. This leash is proudly made in the USA by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. The leather texture and color gets better with age and won’t fray or tear like standard nylon leashes.

The beveled edges on this leash add a smoothness that keeps your hands pain-free during long walks. This means you can also wear the leash around your wrist comfortably if you have a dog that doesn’t tug during walks.

3. Fairwin Leather Short Dog Leash

The Fairwin leather dog leash is designed for training purposes. This short leash, which comes in 12″ or 16″ sizes, is ideal for large dogs that pull and need to learn better leash manners. The leash is 3/4″ wide and is available in black or brown. It’s constructed of 100% leather with heavy-duty stitching at the handle for long-lasting durability. This leash has a durable metal clip made from pure copper alloy to keep away rust.

The clip was designed specifically with heavy dogs in mind. It has a tensile resistance that can stand up to up to 500 pounds of pull force. The stitching at the clip goes through 4 layers of leather for a more secure attachment. The use of this short leash works well for walking through traffic or for training your dog to walk closely at your side in any situation.

4. Fairwin Leather Dog Leash 6 Foot

The Fairwin leather dog leash is 6′ in length and comes in 4 width options for use with dogs of all sizes. The small width is for 40 pounds and under, medium width is for 40 to 80 pounds, large is for 80-120 pounds, and the extra-large width is for dogs over 120 pounds. This leash is made from genuine leather and comes in black or brown. It has braiding at the handle and the clip for added strength and security.

The leash clip is made of pure copper alloy which is durable and resistant to corrosion. It’s designed in a similar style to those used by trainers and K9 handlers. The Italian imported leather is thick to helps give you better control during walks. It’s designed to support the weight of large dogs and has a tensile resistance of up to 500 pounds.

5. LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash

The LEATHERBERG dog training leash is 6 feet long and 3/4″ wide which works well for most sizes of dogs. This leash is constructed of 100% durable latigo leather that designed to last for many years. It has strong double stitching at the handle and clip. This leash, which comes in black or brown, is made from soft leather which feels nice to touch and comfortable in your hand.

The size of this leash works well for training purposes. It’s similar to leashes that are chosen by many dog professionals. It helps your dog learn to walk calmly on the leash and gives you better control during walks. Plus, the heavy duty leather helps fight wear and tear that comes from walking large breed dogs.

Buying a Leather Dog Leash

dog wearing leather leash


There are many reasons why professional trainers and dog handlers tend to prefer using a leather leash. Leather lasts longer than nylon and other traditionally used leash materials. A well-made leather dog leash can last for many years. When you’re shopping for a dog leash be sure to read up on the way the leash is made and how it’s held together. Many leashes feature braiding at the handle and clip for added strength. The braiding can take the place of stitching, and is often a better alternative as it won’t wear over time like stitches do.

Thick braiding is ideal for large dogs that have a lot of pulling strength. Leather works well for training purposes as it gives you better control over your dog and doesn’t fray from use like other materials. When comparing leather dog leashes, you should also consider the construction of the clips to be sure they’re made of a rust-proof material.

Latigo Leather

You might have noticed some of the leashes in our round-up are made from Latigo leather. So what exactly is it?

Latigo leather is a very durable form of leather made from cowhide. It’s well suited to vigorous exercise and rough use which is why you often see it used on dog leashes.

It’s not just strong, but also moisture resistant which makes it an even better candidate for use with dog leashes. Learn more about latigo leather here.

Care Instructions

When choosing a leather leash it’s important to understand the care needed to maintain the leather. As a natural material, leather is quite durable. In fact, many leather dog leash manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty with their product. Most leather tends to get softer and more pliable with age and caring for it is relatively easy. The best way to care for leather is to keep it clean. Wipe the leash down with a damp cloth after each use to remove dirt and debris.

It’s important to hang the leash up to dry and try to avoid hanging it in direct sunlight. You can also apply a conditioning product to your leash to help keep leather soft and pliable. These products are affordable and readily available online. If your leash gets wet during a walk, simply hang it to dry. If you walk your dog on the beach, be sure to clean the leash after use and apply a conditioner to prevent damage from saltwater.

Weight and Size Limits

Leather leashes are designed to hold up to pulling from large heavy dogs. These leashes come in several sizes and widths. Most trainers agree that 6′ is the ideal leash length, especially when you’re working with your dog on good leash-walking manners. A shorter training leash can also be used for better control and these leashes work well for large dogs to help you keep them close. Leather leashes can vary in width. Smaller dogs tend to do well with a leash that’s around 1/2″ wide.

If you have a large breed dog, it’s helpful to use a wider leash like a 3/4″ or 1″ for better control. Leather leashes usually don’t have a weight limit based on length but they may have recommendations from the manufacturer based on the leash width and the strength of the clip.

Leash Hardware

When choosing a leather leash it’s important to consider the hardware. Many people choose leather specifically for its durability and strength. This durability should also be apparent in the hardware used. Most leather leashes are made with brass hardware because it doesn’t rust and can hold up to heavy-duty use. Stainless steel is also frequently used on leash snaps due to its longevity and resistance to corrosion. When choosing a leash be sure to consider the style of snap the leash has. There are two basic designs when it comes to leash hardware: the fixed-eye snap and the swivel-eye snap. The fixed-eye is best for larger dogs as it can hold more weight.

The swivel-eye allows your dog to move better without getting tangled up, but the swivel can also wear over time when compared to the fixed option. While most leather leashes have a braided design that doesn’t require the use of metal connectors, some brands do use small metal pieces at the clip or handle. If you choose a leash that has these metal pieces be sure they’re made of a durable material that won’t rust.


If you’re shopping for a leash, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the choices. But there is a good reason why dog trainers and K9 professionals often choose leather over nylon and other materials. Leather is a naturally durable material that can last for years if taken care of properly. Most leather leashes come tanned which helps protect the material from damage and helps the leash keep its color over time.

Use our list of leather dog leashes to choose one that meets your needs for training your dog or just taking them on everyday walks for exercise. If you’re looking for a collar to go with your leash we recommend checking out our leather dog collar round-up.

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