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The Best Wet Dog Food

By: | Updated: March 9, 2020

There are many different options on the market when it comes to wet dog food. Many dogs prefer wet food and it can be ideal for dogs with certain health concerns or older dogs who struggle with chewing hard dog food. When you’re shopping for wet dog food, it’s important to consider nutrition, cost-effectiveness, and specific formulations. The following list of the best wet dog food can help you choose an option that works well for your dog.

A List of the Best Wet Dog Food

Let’s kick off by taking a look at our list of the 6 top quality wet dog foods around. Many hours of research went into making this list and we believe that we’ve managed to comprise a selection of the best wet dog foods available. Wet dog food varies greatly based on cost, nutritional value, package size, and flavor. The information included in the list of wet dog foods can help you choose a food that will keep your dog well-fed, happy, and healthy.

Here’s a list of the 6 best wet dog foods around.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Natural Dog Food – Best Wet Dog Food Overall

This wet dog food from Instinct is designed to be used as a topper for kibble. It’s made with grass-fed lamb and contains only 1 protein. This food is free of many allergens, including grain, dairy, eggs, and soy. It’s also made without artificial ingredients and is preservative-free. This food includes gravy for added flavor. It comes in a pouch that makes it easy to open and pour into your dog’s bowl without mess.

This food is ideal for dogs who have issues with common ingredients that are found in other dog foods. The limited ingredient formula allows you to feed your dog a blend of 1 nutritious protein with 1 nutritious vegetable to reduce food-related reactions. It’s designed as a complementary food source to be used along with a balanced diet.

AvoDerm Natural Dry & Wet Dog Food

The AvoDerm Natural wet dog food is designed for dogs in all stages of life. This canned dog food contains essential fatty acids that help with skin and coat health. The food is made with premium ingredients and includes avocado as a healthy source of fat. This lamb and rice flavored food is nutrient-rich and includes the addition of vitamins and minerals for overall health.

The top 3 ingredients in this wet dog food are lamb broth, lamb, and lamb liver, which is a nutritious and tasty protein source. The food is made with a blend of meats, vegetables, and other naturally sourced ingredients without the addition of by-products or artificial flavors. It’s also free of corn, wheat, and soy. The food is manufactured in the USA with ingredients from the US, Canada, New Zealand, and France.

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Adult Canned Wet Dog Food

Next up we’ve got another great canned option, the wet dog food from the Purina Pro Plan line is formulated with adult dogs in mind. This food comes in a tasty beef and rice flavor. It’s also available in several other flavor options. It has real beef as the first ingredient and includes highly digestible rice to keep your dog satisfied. This formula contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy weight, a healthy coat, and nutrient absorption.

The pate texture is easy to chew and makes it a good option for older dogs. The inclusion of natural prebiotic fiber is great for digestive health. It’s formulated with the ideal ratio of fat to protein for adult dogs of most breeds and sizes. This wet food comes in a flip-top can, which makes it easy to open.

CESAR Gourmet Wet Dog Food

This affordable dog food from Cesar comes in a pack of 12 and is available in several flavors, including the featured Filet Mignon and New York Strip. This food is designed for small dogs and is ideal for portion control to maintain weight or help your small breed lose weight. It comes in trays with an easy-to-peel top. The #1 ingredient in this wet dog food is beef to provide your dog with a healthy protein source.

Cesar wet dog food contains a blend of essential nutrients to promote overall health and give your dog plenty of energy throughout the day. The food has a soft textured that works well for adults and seniors. It can be used alone as your dog’s primary food or added to kibble to enhance the taste and flavor.

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food

The Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet dog food comes in several flavors, including beef with potatoes, carrots, and brown rice. This food contains beef as the #1 ingredient. The formula in this food has been developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. It comes in a box of 12 cans with 13 ounces of wet food per can. This formula has been created without the use of artificial flavors or colors. It has a soft texture that works well for dogs of all sizes and ages.

The protein source in this food provides your dog with essential amino acids for energy, strength, and overall health. The inclusion of vegetables and rice adds vitamins, minerals, and fiber for healthy digestion. This wet food can be used for puppies, adults, and seniors. As you can see you get a bulk of canned dog food so if you prefer buying in large quantities, this is an excellent option.

Nutro Cuts in Gravy Grain-Free Wet Dog Food

The Nutro Cuts in Gravy wet dog food is last but not least on our list. This food is grain-free to help reduce food-related allergies and reactions. It’s also free of chicken by-products. This food comes in several flavors, including the 24 pack, which contains 6 containers each of the following flavors: roasted turkey and vegetable stew, tender chicken stew, savory lamb and vegetable stew, and simmered beef and potato stew. The pieces of food are small, tender, and easy to chew.

Each variety of this wet food form Nutro is made with premium protein and vegetables. The food is made with GMO-free ingredients and is free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. It comes in convenient trays with a pull-lid that makes it easy to open.

Buying a Wet Dog Food

If you’re aiming to get your hands on the best-wet pet food, you’re going to want to know what you’re looking for. In this section of the article, we’ll be exploring what to look out for in high-quality dog foods.

Formula Specifications and Manufacturing

Many dog foods are created by veterinarians and other nutrition experts. This means that some foods are created for a specific size of dog or dogs of a certain age. There are wet foods designed for puppies, adults, and seniors. There are also some brands and formulas that are nutritionally beneficial for dogs in all life stages. When comparing foods based on their formula, be sure to compare the protein, fat, and carbohydrate content. The moisture content is also important when choosing a wet food for your dog.

Lastly, be sure to consider the manufacturing process of the dog food. Standards can vary greatly based on the location of the manufacturing facility and the location from which the ingredients are sourced. Responsible and ethical companies are upfront about these processes so you can make an informed decision as a pet parent.


The nutritional content can vary tremendously from one brand of food to another. Dogs need a good source of protein to stay healthy, so it’s important to find a wet dog food that has protein as the first ingredient. Common proteins include lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, bison, and salmon. The addition of healthy fruits and vegetables like berries, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes increases the nutrients and helps your dog get the additional vitamins and minerals needed each day. Some foods also contain prebiotics or probiotics, which can be beneficial for dogs with digestive issues.


The value of your dog’s wet food isn’t based simply on the price. You should also consider the nutritional value and package size of the food when comparing the different options. When comparing wet dog food based on the size of the package, be sure to read the serving size recommended for your dog based on their age, weight, and other factors. In most cases, cheaper dog food has fewer nutrients, which means that it won’t keep your dog full as long and isn’t the best choice healthwise. While the pricier foods may seem to be a poor value, when you take into consideration the fact that most dogs tend to eat less when they’re fed nutrient-dense wet food options, the value of pricer is often better in the end.

Allergens and Other Concerning Ingredients

If your dog suffers from allergens or sensitivities to certain ingredients, it’s essential to be aware of everything that’s in the wet dog food you purchase. Even if the food doesn’t contain the specific allergen as an ingredient, there may be a chance for cross-contamination from the manufacturing process. All of this information can be found on the nutrition label of the food. Many dogs have skin and coat issues that are related to eating ingredients like soy, wheat, and corn.

There are wet food options that are free of these ingredients but still contain other grains to help promote healthy digestion and provide the recommended amount of fiber each day. Some pet parents may also be concerned about the addition of artificial colors, preservatives, artificial flavors, and genetically-modified ingredients. The research on the effect of these ingredients is not definitive, but there are several brands and formulas of wet dog food that aren’t made with these questionable additives.

Final Thoughts on Buying Wet Dog Food

Whether you’re feeding your dog wet food as a supplement or as their main food source, it’s important to find one that’s healthy, tasty and offers a good value. There are so many different brands, flavors, and formulas of wet dog food on the market that many pet parents find it difficult to choose one that gives their dog the maximum benefit. We hope our list of the best wet dog foods can help you choose a food that makes your dog happy while also giving you peace of mind that you’re feeding them the best.

If you’re unsure whether you should choose a wet or dry dog food, we recommend reading this article.

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