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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

By: | Updated: July 29, 2020

Whether your dog loves or hates bath time, you need to make sure it’s being bathed at appropriate intervals. Many people think it’s key to set regular bathing regimes for their dogs, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Frequent baths can cause more harm than good, stripping them of their much needed natural protective oils.

How Frequently Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Dog bathing was addressed in our grooming guide written by vet Dr. Joanna Woodnutt. She advised that providing your dog has no medical problems, bathing them as little as possible is the general aim.

Bathe a Dog once a month or when they have rolled in something particularly foul.

She made the point that a dog with allergies or mites needs often to bathe more frequently, this is because they may need a persistent shampooing regime.

Dealing with Smelly Dogs

Now that you know how frequently dogs need to bathe, we’d like to think that your dogs unlikely to become smelly because of poor hygiene! That said, sometimes unforeseen circumstances might mean that you need to wash your dog a little sooner than expected.

Often the actual frequency of how often you wash your dog can depend on lifestyle and habits. Dogs that tend to spend more time indoors and barely get dirty will inevitably need less regular baths.  If your dog enjoys spending their time exploring the outdoors and playing in the dirt, you would typically expect to bathe them monthly. Rinse your dog with water if they become smelly in between full shampoo and conditioner baths.

REMEMBER: You can harm your dog by using a product not specially formulated for them. Never use a human shampoo or conditioner on a dog as this can break down their skin layer, causing them to be more vulnerable to bacteria and parasites. This is because a dog’s skin pH levels differ from ours (dogs tend to be more alkaline while ours are more acidic).

When it comes to bathing your dog it’s crucial you find a balance in how frequently you do so to ensure your dog and it’s coat stays clean and happy. A common mistake you can make is cleaning it too frequently, which will remove your dogs natural oils. Make sure you use a specific dog shampoo when you clean your dog and you should now know how often to bathe it.

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