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How to Make Dogs Happy

By: | Updated: May 9, 2020

Whether you are new to the puppy scene or consider yourself experienced with dogs, there are always ways to make a dog happier. With the use of tricks, treats, grooming and fun activities, you can make your dog a little extra happy every day.

We hope this article gives you new ideas on helping your canine companion live a content and fulfilling life.

18 ways on how to make dogs happy

We’ve tried and successfully tested all of the following ways to make dogs happy!

Invest in a baby pool

Picture of a dog in an inflatable pool.


Not all dogs know how to swim, but most will certainly enjoy splashing their paws around in the water.

You may already have a pool at home, but why not invest in an inflatable pool that your dog can call their own? By throwing in a few water-friendly dog toys, your dog will soon learn it is their own special place to cool down whenever they want.

Schedule playtime

Plan a time to spend with your dog every day, even if it is as little as ten minutes. Run around the garden, utilise the squeaky toys or hide some treats around the room. Playtime is fun for all parties involved and it’ll certainly enhance your relationship.

We’re going on a treasure hunt!

Create a fun treasure hunt for your pooch by hiding some of their most favorite treats around the home. This is particularly beneficial for puppies, as it will encourage them to explore their new surroundings.

Purchase a new collar

Plenty of dogs spend all day, every day in the same collar. It’s an important way in keeping a dog safe.

But isn’t that the equivalent as wearing the same piece of clothing for weeks at a time? By purchasing a new collar every now and again, your dog can have something new to wear with a different texture, weight and design.

Alternate toys

Just like humans, dogs can and do get bored playing with the same toys. When you suspect your pup has become bored of what they have now, put them away and bring out the other toys your dog has forgotten about. This is guaranteed to keep them entertained!

New treats

Similarly to alternating toys, you can change the types of treats you give your dog every now and again. Your dog will undoubtedly love guessing which snack is coming next while you learn more about their favorite flavors and foods!

Go explore the outdoors

Picture of a dog on rocks.


Whether it’s going for a stroll or a hiking adventure, dogs need to escape the home. Daily walks are an important aspect of a dog’s physical and mental health. It’s great for exercise, burning energy and exposure to new experiences. Also, you’ll also be spending some quality time with your canine companion.

Train obedience

Teaching your dog basic obedience will create a better life for both you and your pooch. If you choose not to train your dog yourself, you can hire a trainer or attend group classes. Dogs enjoy learning the rules and boundaries that contribute them to being a good family dog. Training helps dogs to utilise a lot of mental energy from thinking.

As a part of obedience training, you should strive to be consistent with your dog. By doing so, dogs can easily understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

Trained dogs tend to be happy dogs. Not only will they know how to keep their owners happy, but also themselves.


Adding mental stimulation to a dog’s day can reduce problem behaviors such as excessive barking and chewing.

Teach new tricks

All dogs have the ability to learn new things, no matter how young or old they may be. Teaching your pooch a new trick is a fantastic way for you both to bond and spend time together. You’ll also be providing your dog with mental stimulation and plenty of tasty treats!

Maintain a healthy weight and balanced diet

As a responsible owner, it’s your duty to know what food is best for your dog. Eating is unquestionably one of our dogs’ ultimate pleasures, so be sure what you’re feeding them is the best you can afford.

When a dog is at an optimum weight, they’ll be happier living a longer, healthier and fulfilling life. In comparison, excess weight is uncomfortable, limits daily playtime and increases the risk of weight-related problems.

It is always recommended to purchase food specifically designed for dogs. In this way, your dog will receive all the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy. If you are opting for homemade food, make sure you research what human foods dogs can and cannot eat.

Brush their teeth and let them chew

Oral hygiene is an important part of dog care. Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to fight the common dental problems dogs suffer. This includes plaque build-up, gum disease and bad breath.

Alternatively, dog dental chews are a complementary approach. They provide a simple and easy way to remove plaque and tartar through the regular chewing process. Chews are also great to use when teeth brushing isn’t possible and satisfies a dog’s natural urge to chew. This means they’re less likely to destroy your home furnishings.

Play dates

Picture of two dogs.


If your friends, family or neighbors have a dog that gets along with yours then arrange a fun play date! Invite the dog and their owner over. Spend time together by going on a walk, relaxing in the home or hanging out in the backyard. Your dog will love socializing with their furry friends, especially if they are from a single-dog household. While the dogs play, you and their owner can catch up.

You can also learn how to get dogs to get along.

Cut or grind nails

Allowing a dog’s nails to grow too long can lead to adverse health consequences. Long nails are painful when walking on a hard surface, which can eventually lead to nerve damage.

Most commonly, tools used for trimming dog nails are clippers or grinders. Nail grinders tend to be safer, easier and cause less stress.

Bath time

How often a dog should be bathed depends on a dog’s breed, lifestyle and habits. Typically, this can be any where between one to three months.

Regular baths will keep your dog feeling fresh, clean and smelling good. This is great for your nose, the home and keeping pests away.

Dog conditioners are also great for repairing damaged hairs and restoring moisture. Conditioners make it easier to brush out the mattes and tangles after a bath, leaving the coat extra silky, soft and smooth!

Clean ears

Ear cleaning is important in keeping your dog comfortable, healthy and happy. It prevents infections, disease, excess build-up of wax and smelly ear odor. This is especially important for dogs with long, floppy ears (such as Dachshunds) or dogs that regularly swim.

Make your own homemade solution or invest in a dog ear cleaner.

Keep the worms at bay

As dogs are perfect hosts to worms and other parasites, it’s important to worm your dog regularly. Worms can affect your dog’s happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing, so be sure to know how often to worm your dog.

Verbal and physical praise

Praise is a vital part of maintaining a great relationship with your dog. It is a way of communicating to your pooch how brilliant they are. Always use an enthusiastic and friendly voice when calling your dog’s name, giving praise or paying compliments.

Petting your dog doesn’t have to be because they have done something good in training. Spending the time to pet and praise your dog will make them feel comfortable, secure, loved and happy.

Multiple relaxing locations

Dogs love to rest and relax in comfortable locations – just like us! Have a few comfy beds in several rooms in the home. This is particularly important for senior dogs.

As a bonus, this is a way to help keep dogs off the furniture.

Final thoughts

Picture of a dog looking happy.


We hope this article has inspired you and bought you the confidence in how to make your dog happy. After all, we’re sure you’re already doing a great job!

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