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Learn How to Groom Your Own Dog

By: | Updated: September 1, 2020

When it comes to professional dog grooming, things can get expensive. This is especially true if you’ve got multiple dogs or a high maintenance breed. If you’ve got the time and patience to learn how to groom your own dog, it can be both cost-effective and a great way for you to spend some quality time with your dog.

Learn How to Groom Your Own Dog

So, if you’ve made it this far looks like you want to take the first steps in learning how to groom your own dog at home. Here’s a few ways that you can learn to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home.

1. Invest in a Course

Spending a little money on a course is a great way to ensure that you get step by step guidance on grooming your dog. Investing a little money to learn the skills you need will soon pay for itself after you’ve groomed your dog a few times. You might even get a certificate to show off when you’re done!

You could choose to do an online course or even a physical course and both are great ways to learn dog grooming. The downside with physical courses is location can be a slight limitation as you might find yourself having to travel far to find a worthwhile course.

Online courses are usually more cost-effective as you’re paying for ready-made material rather than for an instructor’s time. They’re also great because after paying for your course you can always go back and re-watch sections, a luxury you may not get with a physical course.

Here’s a few examples of places that do online courses:

  1. udemy
  2. associationoflearning
  3. universalclass

2. Use Free Online Resources

If you don’t require the structure that comes with a course, a free alternative would be to use websites with free information such as blogs or YouTube to learn how to groom your dog. You can learn most things online these days and there’s plenty of useful online resources out there at your disposal.

It’s worth being wary of who you take advice and guidance from. Not everything you read online comes from a credible source so be sure to check out the website’s feedback or comments section before you start grooming your dog’s coat.

3. Read a Dog Grooming Book

Another excellent way of bettering yourself and learning new skills is through books. With hundreds maybe even thousands of grooming books out there these are a good tool to use when trying to learn how to groom your dog at home. Books are really cost-effective, you can read them at your own pace and always refer back to them. Heck if you buy a popular book you could always pass it on to a friend or even sell it on to get some of your investment back.

Considerations for Grooming Your Own Dog

You’ll need to consider the type of dog you have, what tools you feel comfortable using and how receptive your dog is likely to be when it comes to being groomed by you. Some dogs may be nervous around salon environments and love being groomed at home. Whilst other dogs may be more disciplined in front of a trained dog groomer and be a lot more playful around their owner. You should factor these considerations into your choice of learning material for teaching you how to groom your own dog.

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Joanna Woodnutt write a grooming guide for us, which has plenty of great tips for grooming your own dog which you can read here.

Important Reminder

Before taking any dog grooming matters into your own hands we recommend consulting your veterinarian for their professional opinion. They’re likely to know your dog and be able to advise on any questions you might have surrounding dog grooming. They may even be able to give advice on how to manage your specific dogs grooming routine, and help prevent any future mishaps such as irritation with your dog’s skin.

Remember: you should always be cautious and try to take your advice from trusted resources before making any attempt to groom your dog.


Grooming your dog at home is a great way to spend some quality time together, not to mention save yourself some money in the process. If you’re after a structured approach to learning dog grooming we’d recommend enlisting on a course from a reputable source and always consult your veterinarian for their professional input. If you’re looking for dog grooming equipment we’d recommend checking out some of the other articles in our grooming section, as well as our round-up of dog grooming shears.

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