Website Policies

Updated: March 9, 2020

Our website policies explains how we use your information and monitor your usage of our website

Privacy Policy

Generally, we don’t store personal information from our visitors. The only exception is when you submit our contact form. We store this data solely for the purposes of issuing a response. Information is kept strictly confidential and we don’t share information to anyone else. Information is not kept any longer than necessary.


We use cookies to track how you use our website. This allows us to retrieve a better understanding of your usage in order to improve our website. By using our services, you accept the use of cookies.

Cookies are pieces of texts that are sent by your web browser when you visit a website. Your cookie file is stored by your browser. This allows us and other website to utilise certain functionality and simplify future visits.

How we use cookies

Cookies allow us to create statistics and analytics for purposes such as calculating page popularity and getting a feel for individual customer needs.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies may be used for the purposes of producing and reporting website statistics.

Opting out of cookies

You can decide whether or not to operate within our site with the use of cookies. You can do this by changing the settings within your web browser through the preferences menu.

As a warning, using our website without the use of cookies may affect your overall user experience. The functionality of the website may be affected and we will not be able to store any of your preferences.

Amazon Associates

We are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and earn from qualifying purchases

Terms and Conditions

By using this website you understand that we will not accept any liability for losses made as a result of:

  • Mistakes or errors made within our website or social media pages.
  • Inaccuracies in our content including any product information.
  • Your use of organisations’ websites (including purchases made, information disclosed and general usage) that you accessed through our website or social media account.
  • Any harm or physical injury caused to yourself, your pet or other animals through the use of our website.

By using our website and any of our services you agree to our terms and conditions. You assume full responsibility and liability for any loss we suffer due to your violation of our terms and conditions.


The information found on this website is not professional medical advice. Please keep this in mind during the use of our website. For any pet related concerns you may have, make sure you always consult a veterinarian for professional assistance.